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You are probably thinking: Why do I need to have an app for my company?  As more and more people are purchasing tablets & smart phones, they want content.  Having an app available will help you communicate with your customers without them having to go to your website.  As long as they keep your app on their tablet or phone, they will have your information at their fingertips.


Who can benefit from an app?  Magazines first come to mind, but also Retailers, Catalogs, Entertainment Companies, Educational Institutes, Museums, Hotels, Political Campaigns and any other non-traditional publishers can benefit.  I can work with publishers, agencies and  corporations with a need for a tablet/smart phone app.


How can I help?  I can design an app from start to finish including lots of interaction.  I have the experience to take your concept and get it on the iTunes, Android and Amazon App stores.


All apps are developed with  Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and InDesign.


Besides creating apps using DPS, I have been working with companies that are finding the submission process with Apple sometimes overwhelming.


I can help you either set up your DPS app for submission or if you have started the submission process and are getting rejected for a technical problem, I can review what the problem is and find the solution to get your app approved.


If you are interested in hearing more about what I can do for your organization, please head over to my contact page and send me a message or give me a call @ 323.206.6216



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